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What is a 4F Farm and Ranch Woman? A woman who cares about her faith, her family, her farm, and her friends.  A woman with big dreams, a heart for service, and a desire to pursue God's calling on her heart.

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Who We Are

Meet Erika Jaeger, owner and operator of 4F Farms. Erika farms and ranches with her husband, Titus, and three kids.  They developed a family mission statement in 2014, part of which became the tagline for this website:

Faith Family Farming Friends....who we are and everything we value in life. 

Why We're Here

The Jaegers believe that being business owners shouldn't mean sacrificing quality time with your loved ones or being too busy to serve your church and community.  Through holistic management, Erika Jaeger found a path that helped her find peace and joy in the chaos of farm and ranch life and she has dedicated her online business to teaching other women how to do the same.  

4F Farm and Ranch Women

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