How do you get away from farmlife?

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2019

Every family’s path and purpose looks different. Ours has been one that hasn’t given us much space to travel far distances for very long. We’ve been content with that. We would have if we could have. It’s not that we’re against those things. I’m a vagabond soul by nature. I love to GO but life has called me to stay a lot.


We always get asked, “How do you get away from farm life?” The truth is, it hasn’t always been like this. We’re 13 years into farming, and it took us years to be able to get to this point. I distinctly remember those early years of not being able to go somewhere more than a few days if at all. Sometimes, we just stayed put. For a wandering soul like mine who’s always up for an adventure, this was hard.


I learned a lot about contentment during those years and actively seeking adventure and gratitude right where I was. 13 years into this and we have a crew of incredible people who can keep the farm going while we’re away. It’s such a gift and something we don’t take for granted. Feeding thousands of animals is no small feat, let alone keeping the wheels of the business moving forward.


There have been a few special lessons in my life throughout motherhood and marriage and farming. Practicing and learning contentment is at the tip-top of that list. I feel the overflow of what has been learned contentment with my gals. They’ve never mentioned once that they’ve felt that they have missed out.


Seeing the four of them on a Florida beach this year was all the more special to me because of this. While we were there, this thought occurred to me and I twirled it around in my mind for a good while.


“Do we approach planning our life the same way we approach planning for a vacation?”


I truly want to! I hope I’m doing that. If you know me, you might have just LOL’d because planning isn’t often a part of my vocabulary. BUT stay with me here.


We put so much effort in where we go, where we stay, how we get there, what we wear, where we eat, and approach that vacation with much excitement and anticipation.


But, it still takes a lot of time and effort to plan and go on vacation. We go to a new place with new things all around us – food, people, climate, whatever. It’s all-new compared to our daily surroundings.


Most of us happily step out of our comfort zones because we’re ON vacation. We’re excited about trying new things. Were excited about learning new things. We read about everything there is to know about whatever is new before us – in my case, it was sea turtles in South Padre. I wanted to know all the things about sea turtles. I’m also the brochure lady and grab them all so I can look at all of my options for the most fun! For the most part, vacation is an adventure and we treat it like it is.


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I like who I am while I’m on vacation.


Thankfully, we have also built a life that we love and aren’t constantly trying to escape from. I think this is how I coped for years with zero vacations. But, just imagine how much richer and fuller our lives would all be if we approached our lives like we approached our vacations.

What if we put that same fun, adventure, and hard work into our everyday?

What if we walked around wide-eyed and eager to tackle hard things, learn something new, get out of our comfort zones?


If you are in a season where you can’t take a vacation, treat your everyday life like it is one. Because let’s be honest, farm life is always an adventure.


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