The Secrets of RanchWivesBeefCo

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2019

How These Business Owners, Ranch Wives, Pharmacists, Moms, and Instagrammers-Extraordinaire Manage Their Time For Success.

From Erika: Meet the two lovely ladies of @ranchwivesbeefco, life long best friends now direct marketing their beef with a VERY quickly growing social media acount.  Both work as pharmacists (one part time, one full time) and help manage each of their families ranch operations. Hear their best tricks and tips for managing this crazy things call #farmlife.


What You're Probably Thinking...

Your kids can’t get along, you haven’t made it to town in 4 days, you don’t have a clean pair of boots to wear even if you could load all the kids up to attempt to go to town, the loan payment is coming before you get paid for your calves… Any of this sound familiar?


The good news is you’re not alone! Christ has created a likeness of you in us: fellow cattlewomen, mothers, book keepers, finder of all things, gate girls...

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